Family Crusade

August 6-10 at our main campus from 6:30-8pm we will hold our annual FAMILY CRUSADE!

Theme Nights for Dress

Monday Night 8/6

Do you fill glasses? Dress as a waitress! Fill buckets? Dress like you're going to the beach! Fill tanks? Dress as a Gas Station attendant. Be creative!

Tuesday Night 8/7

Dress up to be any age, from newborn to elderly! What will you look like as a baby, toddler, or even at 100 years of age?

Wednesday Night 8/8

Choose to wear either ALL black or ALL white! Whiteout/Blackout is on!

Thursday Night 8/9

Relax, and wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, or pajamas! *Note: please keep to public appropriate PJs

Friday Night 8/10

Get into a group for costume ideas! Choose to dress as a pack of crayons, characters from a TV show or movie (e.g. Star Wars), or just choose to dress alike! Work as a TEAM!