The Vision Thing! Are You Ready? Book


You will discover the source of vision and how to receive and act upon it. Plus, you’ll meet some incredible visionaries and learn the common denominator that produces awesome success.
“It is my prayer that on these pages I can help you explore and come up with a plan of execution for this “Vision Thing” that is locked up inside each of us.”

Your vision is a piece of history waiting to be documented or witnessed! 

The Vision Thing! Kindle Edition


 Since the day you were born, God had a vision for your life and intends for you to continue the creative process. He gave you some of Himself for a purpose that will not change until the day you leave this earth.

This is not a book of theory. You’ll read about an unusual vision God gave the author that revolutionized a church and impacted a community. 

You will see how this directive moved “from crayon to concrete.” 

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